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Finding a Doctor in Hilo

1. Contact your insurance company to see who is accepting new patients. 


2. Call the offices listed here as a start. This is NOT a comprehensive list of every practice in Hilo. We do not know who is accepting your plan or if they are taking new patients.


3. Dr Dundas will not be doing referrals to a new physician. Quest plans will re-assign members to a new PCP.

Dr. Dundas Retired as of 8/1/2020

December 5, 2020

To: Patients, Pharmacy Staff, Specialist Offices, Imaging Offices, HMC, and Physician Offices


  • Dr. Dundas retired effective August 1, 2020.

  • Patients may obtain copies of their medical records from Desert River Solutions. This replaces the former company previously contracted. Please note the new records custodian for requests as of 12/5/2020 and forward: (email)

480-577-3150 (Phone)

520-214-0068 (Fax)



Charles G Dundas, MD

Family Medicine

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